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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Real Man Muscle

Ever heard of a guy with the funny name of Zach Even-Esh? He's the author of REAL Man Muscle and if he's any indication, his system flat-out works! He is an animal - lean, ripped, muscular, and HUGE!

His REAL Man Muscle system is based on 15-minute workouts that anybody can do. He prescribes body weight exercises, stone carryingn, and lots of dumbbell work. You can literally go to the park and do a complete workout in 15 minutes or less.

And I love his delivery! He's your typical "gym rat" ("No pain no gain, pussy!") - he delivers his course in a frank, "get-in-your-face" manner. I love it! Takes me back to the day when I was training with guys twice my size! They were tough dudes, but as nice and helpful as can be.

Zach seems the same way. He truly does want you to succeed in your muscle-building and body-fat-shedding objectives. In fact, he devised the REAL Man Muscle system when he was down and out, drowning in debt, and working his tail off trying to put food on his family's table! He didn't have time for marathon sessions in the gym anymore.

Sound familiar? It does to me, too! Give his system a try. It's backed by a 60-day, No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee.


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