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Friday, May 22, 2009

Project X Announcement

My buddy, the Muscle Nerd himself, Jeff Anderson, has just launched a smokin' hot ebook for hardgainers called Hardgainer Project X.

This is an absolutely fantastic product - nearly 100 pages chock-full of exactly what you need to know to put on muscle like never before, quickly, easily, and keep it on! He talks about supplements, exact training methods, including sets, reps, rest intervals, exercises, etc. It's all here.

All for the ridiculous price of $47 (going up soon)!

Check out Hardgainer Project X. If you're in a training rut or have a real difficulty putting on weight, Hardgainer Project X is for you.

If you order through my affiliate link, I'll send you a FREE copy of Hardgainer's Manifesto. Just send me your ClickBank receipt in an email and I'll send you a copy of Hardgainer's Manifesto as a bonus within 24 hours.

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