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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Method of Calculating Body Fat

Okay, this one is a little hard to follow, but it's cheaper than going to the dunk tank. It's also cheaper than one of those body fat scales (though they're so easy to use)

Calculate Your Body Fat - Measure Your Body Fat

Author: Guido Nussbaum

There is more than one way to calculate your body fat, but to be able to get anything even close to an accurate measurement (without going to a doctor), you will need to have some flexible measuring tape and a calculator. There are several methods of calculating boy fat, and this one is based on the "U.S. Navy Circumference Method." As a warning, these are pretty complex and it might be better just to get a physical.

To make sure all these measurements are accurate, you want to be within .5 a centimeter, or even a .25 centimeter, if possible. Men and women measure different parts of their body.

For men: measure the abdomen horizontally at the level of the navel, the neck (interior of the larynx, with the tape sloping slightly down in the front, and record your height without shoes. For women, measure your hips at the largest horizontal circumference, your waist horizontally at the level of the minimum abdominal width, and then take the same neck and height measurements as the men. Record all this data.

Men will need two more measurements before the formula, which are bodyweight and waist girth. Then to do all the math, follow the next steps to the letter:

1)Multiply your bodyweight by 1.082. Add that sum to 94.42. Once your calculation is finished, save that number. (Bodyweight x 1.082) + 94.42="Result 1"
2)Multiply your waist girth by 4.15. This is "Result 2." After this sum, subtract it from the "Result 1" number. Result 1 - Result 2 = Lean Bodyweight. This result is your lean bodyweight.
3)Finally, subtract your lean bodyweight from your total bodyweight (Total weight-Lean Bodyweight). Multiply that number by 100. Once you get this result divide it by your total bodyweight. This is your body fat percentage.

That sounds really complicated, but when you have the numbers and are making the actual calculations, it's not nearly as hard as it sounds, although you definitely want a calculator of some type. This is how men should measure their body fat. For women, the measurements are different.

For women, there are 5 necessary measurements: bodyweight, wrist circumference (widest point), waist circumference (umbilicus), hip circumference (widest point), and forearm circumference (widest point). Then follow these directions:

1) Multiply your bodyweight by 0.732. Result 1.
2) Add the Result 1 to 8.987. Result 2.
3) Divide your wrist circumference by 3.14. Result 3.
4) Multiply your waist measurement by 0.157. Result 4.
5) Multiply your hip measurement by 0.249. Result 5.
6) Multiply your forearm measurement by 0.434. Result 6.
7) Add results 2 & 3. Result 7.
8) Subtract Result 4 from Result 7. Result 8.
9) Subtract Result 5 from Result 8. Result 9.
10) Add together Results 6 & 9. This is your lean body mass.
11) Subtract your lean body mass from your bodyweight. Take this number and multiply it by 100. Once you get this result, divide it by your bodyweight.

These formulas aren't exact, but they give fairly accurate approximations. This will give you the ability to measure your body fat and have a better idea of how healthy you are. Use this information well, and keep up the good work!

The body mass index is often used in lieu of actual body fat measurements because it is easy to measure and figure out, making it more popular.

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The BMI - Body Mass Index can help you to measure your body fat. Read more about that here: Body Mass Index


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