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Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Barack Obama Can Bulk Up for the Presidency

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has a lot going for him: He's leading the polls, he's smart, athletic, and confident. But he's missing something: Heft.

Mr Obama is clearly a very good athlete and practices good eating habits. He's especially fit.

But he's just too narrow. He needs to build some delts! Especially if he's going to go shoulder-to-shoulder with guys like Putin.

To build wider delts, Barack needs to develop the lateral head of the deltoid. He should do the following:
  1. Start off with slightly-bent knees and an ever-so-slight bend forward at the waist. Grap two dumbbells, not very heavy. Now, with slightly-bent arms, slowly raise the dumbbells from your sides up to a parallel position, making a "T." Do 12 reps.
  2. Immediately after finishing #1, move right into dumbbell presses, with a twist. Start with the dumbbells as if you just finished a curl (palms facing you). Then raise the bars while simultaneously rotating your palms and elbows in a semi-circle such that your palms, at full extension, are facing away from you. Do 12 reps
  3. Repeat until your delts are crying, "JOHN MCCAIN!!!!"
This combination, or superset, pre-exhausts your lateral delts and ties in your laterals with the front delts, effectively building a broader set of shoulders.

I believe that if Barack Obama had followed this plan six months ago, he'd be up by 3 percent more in the polls!

He just doesn't look tough enough to take on the world. This work-out will give him the breadth of shoulder that every effective leader needs to rule the free world!

This is all said in jest, of course. But he does need bigger shoulders!

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