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Monday, March 16, 2009

Irregular Training - Part 2

In my last post, Irregular Training, I talked about how I'd missed quite a few training days in the past few weeks.

Well, it got worse. My son wound up in the hospital, needing to have surgery as a result of a nasty infection that none of the doctors that had seen him could diagnose, until it was almost too late.

Long story short, my 17-month-old was in the hospital for nearly a week. Consequently, I didn't go to the gym a single day.

I'm trying to heed my own advice here, though. I am not beating myself up about it. I will go to the gym tonight and doing so will mark my return to consistent work outs!

I cannot change what's happened in the past. I can only move forward, looking back only to learn.

And this time, it really was okay to miss the gym. My kids are far more important than going to the gym. And any time I can spend with them is time I'm willing to miss working out.

It's all about perspective folks. Don't take anything but life too seriously.


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